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Looking for a better riding terminal tractor?  Tired of spending hundreds of dollars every year on air suspension repairs and maintenance?   is the answer to your ride and maintenance questions.

uses a patented three element spring suspension to offer the best combination of ride quality, protection for the cab, chassis and components, low maintenance and long life.  The primary suspension is a coil spring specially calibrated to your tractor's cab.  The elastomer second stage protects the cab from bottoming on severe bump or impact.  The rebound coil spring allows the cab to move relative to the chassis during recovery  from bumps, lessening the affect on the driver.  All phases of the suspension's action are additionally controlled by a gas-filled heavy duty shock absorber.  The end result is a heavy duty cab suspension ready to take on your worst application and give years of trouble free service.

is available in models to fit all popular terminal tractors.  Replacement installation is quick and easy, usually just a matter of minutes.  On most terminal tractors fits in the same place and uses the same mountings as the original cab suspension.  You simply remove the old suspension, remove or plug any air lines and install the in the same place, using the same fasteners.  A quick test drive over the roughest bumps available and final tightening of the mounting fasteners is all it takes.  It usually takes longer to remove the old suspension than it does to install .